Omron Evolv

Among the most recognized blood pressure monitors in the world, Omron gives your patients the ability to check their blood pressure easily, anytime, anywhere. Omron blood pressure monitors provide portability, convenience and complete blood pressure accuracy for your patients. Omron Evolv pairs with a patient’s smartphone and feeds blood pressure data directly to you with KardiaPro. Patients also have the option to manually enter their blood pressure data from any blood pressure device.


Omron Evolv

How Omron works with KardiaPro

  1. Physician prescribes an Omron blood pressure monitor to a patient.

  2. The patient then plugs a unique code into the Kardia app on their mobile phone which instantly connects them with their doctor.

  3. The patient takes their blood pressure and data is automatically sent to their doctor.

  4. The physician receives data from all connected patients in their KardiaPro dashboard. Data is organized and triaged based on urgency as well as pre-set filters. Physicans are then able to respond to patients as they choose— immediately, at a later time, or not at all.

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