The premier cardiac Remote Patient Monitoring platform.

What is KardiaPro?

KardiaPro is a web-based portal that presents medical-grade patient data from the most clinically-validated and widely-used ECG and blood pressure monitoring devices in the world. KardiaPro is used by providers to support clinical decision making. Actionable data is organized and triaged based on customized practice parameters for efficiency. KardiaPro is completely free to your practice with no hardware to buy or sell.

  1. KardiaPro allows physicians to deliver a higher-quality of care to more patients.

  2. Patients are able to avoid unneeded in-person visits.

  3. Physicians are able to spend more time with patients who truly need their expertise.

  4. KardiaPro is designed to conform with the billing requirements for RPM CPT codes, including CPT 99091.

How KardiaPro works.
  1. Easily enter Kardia order and patient information into KardiaPro portal.

  2. Connection code is generated in KardiaPro.

  3. Patient seamlessly orders the prescribed Kardia bundle through the app.

Get Started
Access to KardiaPro Portal is included in patient bundle pricing.
For the patient

Patient purchases the bundle from AliveCor when setting up the Kardia app

Kardia Bundle Options:
For the practice

Practice bills insurance every 30-days for Remote Patient Monitoring

Practice bills every 30 days, ~$58 per patient per month, annual practice revenue based on # of patients:
  • 50 patients annual revenue for Remote Patient Monitoring ~$34,800
  • 100 patients annual revenue for Remote Patient Monitoring ~$69,600
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